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Cashmere Bolero

Cashmere Bolero


Color: Ivory



Enjoy this finest bolero 20" in ivory or pink color, buttoned on front, you won't want to get out of it. Yes, a good quality cashmere can be expensive, but it is a wardrobe staple for it is long lasting composition and luxury, you cozy feel. Once that this robe is in your closet,it will last for years, as long as you know how to wash it and keep in in great condition.

Tips & Quality

Quality: 100% Cashmere

Laundry Tips at Home: Turn inside out before washing. Machine wash,  very low cycle and cold water, add a detergent that rinses clean and does not contains any dyes. Hand wash is better yet, mix baby shampoo and cold water, let your robe soak about five minutes and rinse, to dry, the cashmere in quite delicate, do not wring it out; please lay the wet robe on a towel on a flat surface, carefully roll up the towel and robe, this will gently squeeze out any excess water; unroll the towel and lift the robe off; lay it flat on another dry towel to let it air dry completely. Do not hang the robe to store it, only fold and put it in a dresser or shelf. Otherwise, take the robe to a cashmere dry cleaner.